5 amazing packing tips

5 amazingly simple packing tips

A suitcase filled with Juco packing cubes with rolled clothing

  1. Use mika creations Juco (Mix of Jute and Cotton)  packing cubes, to keep your clothes organised           
  2. Roll your clothes to help prevent wrinkles and make more space. 
  3. Pop in your favorite soap, a sachet of lavender or a wool dryer ball infused with essential oils in to your packing cubes to keep clothing smelling fresh.
  4. If you have a long haul flight and arrive late at night ,exhausted, plan ahead and have the whole family's PJ s, clean underwear toothbrush and paste in the one cube, to get be able to get to it quickly and easily when tired.
  5. Dress to where you are heading, if heading to a hot country, wear cool light clothing, taking off the layers when you land.
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Hi mika thanks for the great tips


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