About Us

Welcome to Mika Creations®! 

Nestled along the banks of the Yarra River, Mika Creations was born. Our all-women, Melbourne-based company.  Our brand captures the heart and soul of the Australian lifestyle — one that deeply reveres nature, celebrates quality, and premium functionality. Where natural beauty meets urban sophistication.
We're deeply committed to creating a brand that embodies the essence of Australia and be a brand that gives back. We treasure our bond with certified manufacturers who, like us, believe in safeguarding the rights and welfare of their workers. Our collaborative efforts culminate in pieces that don't just look good but feel good too.
In a world dominated by synthetic choices, we dared to dream differently with our Juco packing cubes, bags and pouches . Our alternative to nylon blends minimalistic design with earthy, all-natural fibres. We're making a statement, challenging the status quo, and reducing our carbon footprint, one stylish accessory at a time.
Our narrative isn't just about aesthetics, we speak to the conscious traveller. Offering an eco-friendly solution getting and staying organised.
Every journey has a story, and we invite you to be a part of ours.


Acknowledging Traditional Custodians: 

The proprietors of this website humbly acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which this platform resides and pay respect to the First Nations elders, past, present and those emerging.